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Friday, August 26, 2011

Nadin Sandler-Lampwork Glass Artist-SRA G-107

I'm glad that you looked here.
And I'd be happy if you suddenly interested in this my journal.
Here I will only put their persistent research in the field Lampwork Beads and Handmade Jewelry Supplies (Findings).
And the harder in that area I seek, the more I understand that investigations would never end.
Particularly strong in this journal will be welcome any advice and criticism.
I even beg you for them.
From this case, I began actively working brain.
And so I like to see how this works bummer.

Nadin Sandler

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This blog is specially for Jewellery Designers.

Friends! Welcome!!!
My new items in my shop for jewelry making. I invite Jewelry Designers!

Handmade Jewelry Findings - a very exciting thing, especially if you have friends with whom you can unite, seek advice and of course, share your stock to create jewelry.

- Buy handmade supplies for jewelry in my online store.
- Share ideas and experiences here needlework, master classes, interesting and useful links.
- In this section, place a link to your blog or website.

- Here you can share secrets. Learn about new jewelry supplies in my online store you can out of my news.

Lampwork Glass Headpins fit Jewelry,Copper wire,Handmade Jewelry Finding Supplies

Very often people ask me if I do glass headpins on copper wire. I do!
Here's my new collection! All are made of Italian glass in the art of lampwork.
I created these glass headpins using flexible copper wire 20 gauge.
Color: Purple and Dark Amber
Each pin measures total length about 2.4inch (6cm)
Glass bead average size approx. 10x8mm.
In stock.

Lampwork Glass Headpins, Antiqued Copper wire 20 gauge, Handmade Lampwork Beads-SRA

This is unique set of 5 flexible antiqued copper glass headpins, but they are also lampwork glass beads ! All of my beads are made in my studio by me Nadin Sandler.
I created these glass headpins using violet, green, orange, cobalt and blue glass shades. They were wound on 22 gauge copper wire. They are properly annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.

Each pin measures total length about 2.4inch (6cm)
The ball (bead) average size approximately 10x8mm.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lampwork Glass Bead Caps for Earrings Design

This is 6 of my beautiful handmade lampwork bead caps,these beads are made in transparent purple and blue color.
Fully annealed in digital kilns and holes electronically cleaned. They will be great for earrings! Quantity: 6 glass mini caps Average Bead: 12-14mm in diameter, 5-7mm hole to hole. Mandrel: 2mm

New RED Copper Ball end Headpins 2 inch-20 Gauge Copper Wire

My new style red ball end copper nead pins for jewelry making
WOULD you like more headpins please click link below- handmade enameled headpins
Headpin Lenth 2 inch (5cm)
Head size approx. 0.3mm
Made of antique copper 20 Gauge
Color: Rosey ball headpins( also you can found my headpins in cherry and red colors)
My handmade findings supplies you can see also on my facebook page (headpins, twists,connectors, beads, caps beads and more equipment) you can see in a lot of gallery in New york, San Francisco, Chicago, Florida and more..
Would you like different typies or sizes of ball headpins colors ? please contact me via my website