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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beautiful Necklaces made of Hollow Purple Glass Beads and sterling silver components

One of amazing and fabulous necklaces made of my Purple Hollow beads by Pam Robinson .
Dear Pam,
Thank you again for share with your beautiful jewelry,
You are welcome any time to my handmade jewelry findings store ;)
Kind regards,

Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads Necklaces 
Click link below To purchase this unique jewelry - Purple Lampwork and Sterling Silver Necklace

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Enameled Head pins. 2 inch Copper Headpins. Exclusive Jewelry Findings sticks

Today i would like share with one of my customers feedback, most of my customers are jewelry designers and using only high quality and unique findings for creating unusual jewelry, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and etc.. on my shop you will see only handmade jewelry findings like enameled copper head pins, copper head pins, enamel bead caps, filigree bead caps, large, medium and small caps for beads..

red, purple, orange and green head pins made of pure copper 

Purchase the enamel ball end head pins click link below - Colorful Copper Head Pins 18 Gauge
Feedback from customer:
I am very happy to report my package has now been delivered. I love everything very much. You do beautful work.Can you please tell me, If I place another order, how long does it normlly take to arrive.
Thank you again,

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bead Dangles Aqua Blue Gemstones. Handmade Turquoise wire Wrapped Dangles

Today i woulds like share you my new exclusive design of wire wrapped dangles made of Turquoise Cracked Stones. These beautiful ball dangles copper wire wrapped , perfect for earrings, necklaces bracelets, pendanta or some else..

more info about these findings handmade wire Wrapped Dangles you can have here - handmade jewelry findings

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Enamel Bell bead caps. Red bead caps, yellow caps, green bells, purple flower caps

Every day i try creat new and latest , amazing and unique handmade jewelry findings. Also i tring promote my websites one of them and secound bouth shops important for me. Each components on shops handamd and hand painted by me. Wwould you like to buy these caps or see all my collection of enamel jewelry findings clicl link below - Enameled Supplies - bells caps, bead caps flower caps, head pins and more..

amazing blue earrings

These and more high quality beautiful colored earrings you can fin here - Beautiful earrings

I would like share my customers feedbacks ;)

Hi, Nadin.
Thanks for putting such a lovely collection together. I don't have my own website or blog. But may need to seriously consider it. After Etsy change their search engine, my business has just gone to the pits...
You creating gorgeous and wonderful things, I'm only doing this for fun..
I love your shop. I've hearted it.
Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Handmade Enameled Filigree colorful cone caps - High Quality Jewelry Findings

Hi my freinds today i want share with you my new collection of enamel glass color hand painted filigree bead caps. All info about this caps and more high quality handcrafted jewelry findings and handmade jewelry components you can find on my store - Handmade Enameled Jewelry Findings

Yessterday i recevie great feedback from one of my clients ;)
and today he made the order ;)

Feedback from jewelry maker:
Hi Nadin
I apologize for taking so long in getting back to you.
I'm pretty new to Etsy, and I'm still trying to figure out how to communicate with everyone.
I thank you for including me in your treasury.
It is especially meaningful to me, since you're an artist and to be compliment this way is an honor.
I've looked at your beautiful things for making jewelry and have asked my wife to see if there's anything that she would be interested.
Thank you again and have a wonderful week.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Set of Red Enamel Filigree Bead Caps and Metal Hollow beads. Handmade Findings

Yesterday i developed unique set of 4 sets of red shadow jewelry filigree findings . This set of red shadow enamel filigree findings perfect for making vintage jewelry or antique style jewelry earrings, necklaces or pendants.
Do you prefer  different colors of shapes of filigree findings? please visit my Handmade jewelry components store , click link below to see more - Enamel Filigree Findings beads and bead caps

This set include 2 long bed caps , 4 flower shape bead caps, 4 leaves shape bead caps and 2 enameled hollow bead caps

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Enamel Copper Ball Head pins sets. 18-24 gauge top ball headpins. Vintage Jewelry findings

Looking for Vintage style jewelry findings or rustic jewelry components ? Please consider my artisan sets of large range selection of handmade Enamel Copper Ball Head pins. on my store you can see different ball head colors and different gauge diameter selection. On photo you can see red head ball headpins, blue green headpins  and metalic ball head pins. To make order click link below -
Handmade Enameled Supplies - headpins, bead caps, jewelry findings and more..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Large Hoops Earrings made of high quality copper. Handmade Ear Wire

High quality handmade hammered Large hoops earrings for everyday wear .

Today i received great feedback from customer and i wish share them with you:
Cutomer feedback :
Dear Nadine :)))
My goodies arrived today! Every item, is Exactly as you photographed!
Cooper earrings are GREAT!

Thank You so Much for my red heart message :>}
Sending You Blessings & Hugs...
Happy and Grateful Customer

Regina McGrath
Love & Peace

Earrings Info
Quantity: ONE  pair
Wire Gauge: 20 gauge
Approx. size: 1.6 inch (4 cm)
Metal: Natural pure Copper Wire

Looking for eco sterling silver hoops or large rounded earrings made of 925 sterling silver wire , please consider my modern jewelry store on etsy - Sterling Silver Earrings Modern Handmade Jewelry handmade by Nadin Art Design

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Looking for Filigree Findings - Handmade Colorful Jewelry Findings - FLower caps

My new beautiful colletcion of colorful bead caps wich i pictured . This vintage style enameld bead caps handmade by me in my glass studio
This exclusive set of mix colorful caps you can find on my etsy store - handmade enameld bead caps
for wholsale order you can write me directly ot info @
On My store you also can find handmade and high quality jewelry findings and jewelry components made by me. tomorow i will make new post with my new flower caps findings ;) have a nice day
Nadin at  www .

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Artisan Sterling Silver Head Pins set with amazing enamel green head ball on the end

My new collection of Sterling silver head pins with enamel head balls on the end of the headpins.
All my head pins handmade on the torch , i using only high quality sterling silver wire 925 gauge.
each one had enameled in green color.  This sterling silver findings Perfect for making exclusive jewelry

for make the order , please click the link below - high quality sterling silver headpins set

Friday, October 21, 2011

Colorful Plated Bead Caps. Red bead caps, Green Bead Caps, purple caps, yellow caps

Choose and use these flower shape Plated Bead Caps when you want to add exclusive look of color to your jewelry.
 Its classic , feminine flower shape enamel painted, the ideal component to add to any bea in any colors

click one the image to purchase or contact me via my website

Hole diameter - 2mm
Height - approx 1/2 inch(12mm)
Diameter for bead - approx. 1/2 inch(12mm)
Flower shape.
Quantity: 8 pieces 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wire Wrapped Drops beads for earrings. Lampwork Dangles Beads for jewelry making

Hi my friends, today i would like share with you one of my new collection of Dangles glass findings for making artisan drops necklaces or earrings..

These unique handmade Lampwork transparent glass beads handmade by me . Alos this set of FOUR Wire Wrapped Drops Findings perfect for making Blue jewelry. contact me via my store  email info @ for more info

For make order please click link below Dangle Bead Wire Wrapped Drops handmade by me Nadin Art Design

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Filigree Bead Caps. Handmade flower shape enamel purple bead caps 15mm

This set of FOUR purple Filigree bead caps Hand painted with unique enamel glass color one by one

Diameter of each caps is 3/5 inch' (1.5 cm) and 6mm tall
Hole Diameter 1mm (fitting to 18 and 20gauge wire )
Made of : Brass ( flower Filigree shape bead caps)
Color of bead caps: Dark Purple(also you can fond this product under violet beads caps set)
Quantity : 4 pies

Would you like make the order? please view my handmade jewelry findings store

Monday, October 10, 2011

make Bracelet with Dangles, Dangles Earrings or Glass Dangle Necklaces w/h jewelry components

Today i would like share with my Handmade Lampwork glass drop leaves- glass drop components.
This set of amazing purple glass beads leaves with loop on the end perfect for earrings making also you can attach them to necklaces or make bracelet with dangles findings  .
Artisan glass purple leaf set for jewelry making handmade by Nadin Art Design!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lampwork Drop Leaves Hoop Earrings. Handmade Round earrings

Unique set of Lampwork Glass drop leaves on th round earrings. This pair of Hammered Earrings you can purchase from my etsy store or directly from my store
www. handmade-jewelry-findings
Size of these earrings 1 3/5 inch (4 cm). Would you like different  style or leaves, please email me via my etsy store or via my handmade jewelry findings store.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Check my Birds Nest with amazing blue glass pearls eggs

Amazing handmade by Nadin Art Design Crocheted wire birds nest with eggs inside
perfect jewelry findings for making rings, earrings, pendant or decorate..

Jewelry birds nest with eggs
all info about these beautiful birds nest you can found on my etsy store, please click the link below Handmade little crochet birds nest

Friday, September 16, 2011

2012 Autumn collection of Transparent Leaves Head Pins

Hello my friends,
This my new amazing colored collection of handmade Lampwork Glass headpins beads with drops on the end of each leaf.

This set of 4 beautiful leaves with drops headpins made of 4 colors Blue, Green, Yellow and red transparent colors perfect for autumn style of jewelry .

You can see more and by them from my ETSY store Nadin Art Design

Also you can order more then one color of leave by email me to info @ or live post on my facebook page

have you nice autumn days ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My First Steps to make Unique Jewelry of beads and headpins

Unique Enamel red ball on the end headpins made of copper

The basic equipment needed to begin working with beads is very simple.
At first, probably the only items you will need to buy especially will be a good pair of pliers and, probably, a pair of metal snips.
On etsy store you can buy including wire cutters, round-nosed pliers and snipe-nosed pliers.
You will also need beading needles and some small, sharp sewing scissors.
Remember to choose a thread that is suitable for the beads you are using.

The piece of fine wire used in place of a beading needle; nylon twine, which can be used with large-holed beads; silver and gold elastic thread, which is perfect for quick bracelets and anklets; tiger tail (plastic-coated wire), which is usually finished off with calotte crimps; monofilament, which is easy to use but not suitable for lightweight beads; and linen cord, which is available in a variety of colors and looks good simply knotted before and after attractive beads.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Nadin Sandler-Lampwork Glass Artist-SRA G-107

I'm glad that you looked here.
And I'd be happy if you suddenly interested in this my journal.
Here I will only put their persistent research in the field Lampwork Beads and Handmade Jewelry Supplies (Findings).
And the harder in that area I seek, the more I understand that investigations would never end.
Particularly strong in this journal will be welcome any advice and criticism.
I even beg you for them.
From this case, I began actively working brain.
And so I like to see how this works bummer.

Nadin Sandler

Diamond engagement rings - Wonderful collection of diamond engagement rings

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This blog is specially for Jewellery Designers.

Friends! Welcome!!!
My new items in my shop for jewelry making. I invite Jewelry Designers!

Handmade Jewelry Findings - a very exciting thing, especially if you have friends with whom you can unite, seek advice and of course, share your stock to create jewelry.

- Buy handmade supplies for jewelry in my online store.
- Share ideas and experiences here needlework, master classes, interesting and useful links.
- In this section, place a link to your blog or website.

- Here you can share secrets. Learn about new jewelry supplies in my online store you can out of my news.

Lampwork Glass Headpins fit Jewelry,Copper wire,Handmade Jewelry Finding Supplies

Very often people ask me if I do glass headpins on copper wire. I do!
Here's my new collection! All are made of Italian glass in the art of lampwork.
I created these glass headpins using flexible copper wire 20 gauge.
Color: Purple and Dark Amber
Each pin measures total length about 2.4inch (6cm)
Glass bead average size approx. 10x8mm.
In stock.

Lampwork Glass Headpins, Antiqued Copper wire 20 gauge, Handmade Lampwork Beads-SRA

This is unique set of 5 flexible antiqued copper glass headpins, but they are also lampwork glass beads ! All of my beads are made in my studio by me Nadin Sandler.
I created these glass headpins using violet, green, orange, cobalt and blue glass shades. They were wound on 22 gauge copper wire. They are properly annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.

Each pin measures total length about 2.4inch (6cm)
The ball (bead) average size approximately 10x8mm.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lampwork Glass Bead Caps for Earrings Design

This is 6 of my beautiful handmade lampwork bead caps,these beads are made in transparent purple and blue color.
Fully annealed in digital kilns and holes electronically cleaned. They will be great for earrings! Quantity: 6 glass mini caps Average Bead: 12-14mm in diameter, 5-7mm hole to hole. Mandrel: 2mm

New RED Copper Ball end Headpins 2 inch-20 Gauge Copper Wire

My new style red ball end copper nead pins for jewelry making
WOULD you like more headpins please click link below- handmade enameled headpins
Headpin Lenth 2 inch (5cm)
Head size approx. 0.3mm
Made of antique copper 20 Gauge
Color: Rosey ball headpins( also you can found my headpins in cherry and red colors)
My handmade findings supplies you can see also on my facebook page (headpins, twists,connectors, beads, caps beads and more equipment) you can see in a lot of gallery in New york, San Francisco, Chicago, Florida and more..
Would you like different typies or sizes of ball headpins colors ? please contact me via my website